Stiffening up the Rear

IMG_3489I recently acquired a Mendeola “Stiffy” Kafer Bar setup for the rear from Kevin @ Coolrydes Customs.—kafer-bar-system.html

This will help to stiffen up the rear when I remove the Torsion Bars and install a Uniball system to my Porsche Alloy Trailing arms

I made up a stud to secure the top plate. It starts as an M12 1.5 thread in the plate, allows for a 1/2″UNF section to pass through the coilover top mount and then back to M12 1.5 thread through the upper shock mount


I modified a Steel Uniball setup I had to allow me to delete my Torsion Bar setup.

This is just a temporary setup and practice in readiness for fabricating an Alloy setup to save weight


Recently Purchased some 944 Turbo Trailing arms which should add minimum 70mm track width per side. This of course means I have to widen the Steel rear Guards but should look nice and “Fat”…..and allowing some really wide rims and tyres.

New Bearings and Uerethane Pivot bolt Bushes installed which will bolt straight up to stock IRS rear end. I also purchased a Rear Shock Trailing Arm Bolt from Karl @ Racers Edge. This allows movement of the Spherical Bearing in the end of the Bilstein Coilover




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