Front Control Arm Support

After a bit of research on Germanlook and Shoptalkforum I borrowed an idea to give support to the front control arm and not relying solely on the sway bar mount.

Three bolt bracket is secured to the chassis and the other bracket end slips over the swaybar outer mount. The support doesn’t restrict suspension travelIMG_4402

Porsche Uniball

Finally received all of my components to make my Porsche Uniball setup.

Torsion bars will be removed and Coilovers will have full control of the rear suspension travel.

The Porsche 944 Turbo Alloy control arms can now be installed together with the Mendeola “Stiffy” Kafer bar.

Once installed I need to measure for longer drive shafts from Sway a Way.IMG_4401

Recipe for Power

The long overdue engine build has started.

Engine Recipe includes:

66mm Counterweighted Type 4 Crank, Lightened Rods with ARP Bolts


KEP Flywheel, Ring Gear and 915 Clutch Assembly


Case Machined for 103mm Barrels using JE Pistons


The assembled motor was install in car including:

Case machined and reinforced for 911 Fan

Modified Heads using 49.25/ 38 valves and Matchported Manifolds

Weber 48 IDA’s

European Motorworks Cam

Bugpak 2 Stage Dry Sump Pump

Ahnendorp B.A.S. Racing Stainless Headers

Weltmeister Mini Sump