When Reputation is Everything !



The engine builder in Melbourne was too busy to tune the engine so the search for someone who had the appropriate experience and knowledge began. Type 4 engines fed by IDAs aren’t that common around here and tuners who know their stuff are even harder to find. An attempt by a local “professional” tuner in the Inner North failed dismally without any power or driveability improvements.
After many phone conversations and discussions the car was shipped to WPVW near Sydney. A short time later Wayne and Ben were able to get excellent results with noticeable improvements in BHP and driveability. Full credit to a professional group they went over the car from top to bottom, front to back rectifying all issues without question.  I cant recommend their services enough.
Their reputation to build and tune cars definitely precedes them.

Front Control Arm Support

After a bit of research on Germanlook and Shoptalkforum I borrowed an idea to give support to the front control arm and not relying solely on the sway bar mount.

Three bolt bracket is secured to the chassis and the other bracket end slips over the swaybar outer mount. The support doesn’t restrict suspension travelIMG_4402

Porsche Uniball

Finally received all of my components to make my Porsche Uniball setup.

Torsion bars will be removed and Coilovers will have full control of the rear suspension travel.

The Porsche 944 Turbo Alloy control arms can now be installed together with the Mendeola “Stiffy” Kafer bar.

Once installed I need to measure for longer drive shafts from Sway a Way.IMG_4401

Recipe for Power

The long overdue engine build has started.

Engine Recipe includes:

66mm Counterweighted Type 4 Crank, Lightened Rods with ARP Bolts


KEP Flywheel, Ring Gear and 915 Clutch Assembly


Case Machined for 103mm Barrels using JE Pistons


The assembled motor was install in car including:

Case machined and reinforced for 911 Fan

Modified Heads using 49.25/ 38 valves and Matchported Manifolds

Weber 48 IDA’s

European Motorworks Cam

Bugpak 2 Stage Dry Sump Pump

Ahnendorp B.A.S. Racing Stainless Headers

Weltmeister Mini Sump








Stiffening up the Rear

IMG_3489I recently acquired a Mendeola “Stiffy” Kafer Bar setup for the rear from Kevin @ Coolrydes Customs. http://www.coolrydescustoms.com/the-stiffy—kafer-bar-system.html

This will help to stiffen up the rear when I remove the Torsion Bars and install a Uniball system to my Porsche Alloy Trailing arms

I made up a stud to secure the top plate. It starts as an M12 1.5 thread in the plate, allows for a 1/2″UNF section to pass through the coilover top mount and then back to M12 1.5 thread through the upper shock mount


I modified a Steel Uniball setup I had to allow me to delete my Torsion Bar setup.

This is just a temporary setup and practice in readiness for fabricating an Alloy setup to save weight


Recently Purchased some 944 Turbo Trailing arms which should add minimum 70mm track width per side. This of course means I have to widen the Steel rear Guards but should look nice and “Fat”…..and allowing some really wide rims and tyres.

New Bearings and Uerethane Pivot bolt Bushes installed which will bolt straight up to stock IRS rear end. I also purchased a Rear Shock Trailing Arm Bolt from Karl @ Racers Edge. This allows movement of the Spherical Bearing in the end of the Bilstein Coilover



Wilwood Slave Cylinder

Wilwood Pull Slave Cylinder installed and connected to t an early 911 Clutch release lever.

This Slave allows up to  1.375″ stroke allowing complete clutch release.

Revised positioning ensures it is not the lowest exposed part providing underground clearance.  I just need to install a return spring and the setup is complete. img_1867img_1868