Because Race Car

Fiberglass Widened Guard, Enkei Lightweight Rims, Kamei Front Spoliers, NACA intake ducts, Fubreglass 930 Style rear wing

Roll Cage removed and following C.A.M.S regulations can be refitted as bolt in allowing Street Registration of vehicle


Germanlook VW “Greenie”

After many late night conversations with a good friend Adam, I was finally convinced that it was time to buy another VW. The plan was to build a German Look Beetle with exceptional handling, braking and most importantly powered by an IDA fed Type 4 motor. The hunt for a donor car was on and soon over after I purchased an unfinished track car project. The car was transported from Sydney NSW shortly thereafter. Further mentoring from another friend Rod ensured a plan was devised to build a nostalgic road registered race car.

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